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Russell Byron
Heart Soul Magic   

Russell Byron has impeccable intuitive skills that I’ve had the privilege to experience during a spiritual event in Sydney. He is "Spot On" in every intuitive reading, particularly the medical aspects. It is like he’s reading through a looking glass window and tells you right on with no jargon, just straight esoteric facts. He is a sincere Intuitive reader and gives you information that is beyond your perception and thoughts. I highly recommend Russell Byron for his passion to help others through his gifted Psychic talent and for his overall nice guy appeal.

Wow Russell you have such a gift. Your penetrating insight and precise intuition hit the nail on the head and pierced a boil that was festering, I feel so relieved, the pressure has been released. It amazed me how just by you simply acknowledging and talking to me about this wound that my energy field released and cleared. I felt a weight lift off me and my chakras rearrange. Very potent stuff. Impressive too how you picked up on blockages in my body imprinted from a past life injury I’ve recalled. Your ability to accurately read my mother’s health condition and mental/emotional state by distance is remarkable. Thank you for making such a valuable contribution to my spiritual growth. Much appreciated :)

The Past Life reading and intuitive healing you did for me was amazing and very powerful! It was incredible the level of detail you were able to describe about my past life and how a past trauma has been affecting me in this life. I felt a definite shift and powerful healing on a deep soul level as you cleared this trauma. Thank you so much as I now feel much lighter and clearer and at peace.

Russell is an exceptional talent in terms of Mediumship, Psychic ability and Channeling. On many occasions Russell has demonstrated that he has the ability to connect me up with those that have passed over to the other side by giving me great evidence to validate his reading. He has also read my energy to provide me with eye opening insights about my current life and also future events (that came to pass). I’m very pleased with Russell and his talents and I am happy to testify to that fact.

Russell is a gifted psychic, and I think I've only experienced a bit of his abilities. His medical intuition was quick to pick up problems and identify corrective action for me. Then he did a healing for me. I’ve had others do intuitive healing on me before, but the problems remained. The healing I received from Russell felt different, like he cleared a block that has allowed my body to heal itself. Thanks Russell.