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Russell Byron
Heart Soul Magic   

Russell Byron offers a range of healing services to help restore you to optimum health.

This includes techniques to:

  • energetically resolve issues affecting any aspect of your life
  • provide insight into why things may have been out of balance
  • clear emotional blocks and related behaviour patterns
  • identify and resolve energetic imbalances within the physical body
  • bring awareness and resolution to soul contracts and karmic debt
  • give you the right tools and confidence to help you continue on your path
  • revitalise and boost your energy

Healings with Russell resemble psychic readings that you may be familiar with. They are held in a sacred space and conducted with support and compassion. The sessions are very much guided by the flow of intuitive energy, and feel natural. Whilst many of the healings manifest at the soul level through the spoken word, Russell also uses the frequencies of healing energy and light to facilitate a return to oneness and balance.

Healing sessions often incorporate elements of Intuitive Healing, Medical Intuition, Past Life Healing and Reconnective Healing since every experience is unique. Additionally, some of the healing or reading may be voice channeled directly.

intuitive healing
Russell Byron uses his intuitive abilities to sense into the Human Energy Field of a client. In doing so, he is able to identify past traumas and beliefs which are manifesting as emotional imbalances, behaviour patterns or energetic blocks. He receives a flow of consciousness from the universal intelligence, which he then shares with the client. The process of bringing awareness to, and acceptance of these experiences and memories enables them to be released, restoring harmony and vitality.

medical intuition
Russell intuitively senses into the physical body of a client in order to establish how and why a health condition is apparent. Often, health issues appear in the physical aspect of the self having an emotional or spiritual basis. Medical intuition allows for this to be identified so that the energy supporting the condition can be released. Intuitive guidance around health related practices such as nutrition and lifestyle choices can also be provided.

Russell connects to the client’s loved ones who have passed into the spirit world.┬áHe is able to bring through evidence of their identity and messages of love and support. This type of reading can bring much relief and joy in the knowing that our family, relatives and friends continue living in the spirit world

past life healing
Identifies trauma related to unresolved experiences from past lives. For the human to truly heal, we need to revisit unresolved issues that are often showing up as blocks or behaviour traits in this lifetime. Past Life Healing brings awareness to the spiritual lessons that have not previously been embodied, thereby enabling the trauma to be released from the client.

reconnective healing
Using the frequencies of energy, light and information, these healing frequencies help restore balance to every aspect of the self. The client enjoys a restful experience on the massage table during this hands-off transference of energy.

chakra balancing
Russell works directly with the energy centres (chakras) and senses how they are currently functioning, and offers insight into the causes of any imbalance. The client relaxes on the massage table during this hands-off energy transference to balance, restore and align the chakras into optimum energetic health.

Russell is a member of the International Institute for Complementary Therapists.
international institute for complemetary therapists