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Heart Soul Magic   

Russell Byron uses his intuitive abilities to sense into the auric field and physical body of a client. In doing so, he is able to identify past traumas and beliefs which are manifesting as physical pain, emotional imbalances or energetic blocks. He receives a psychic flow of consciousness from the universal intelligence, which he then shares with the client. The process of bringing awareness to, and acceptance of these experiences and memories enables them to be released, restoring harmony and vitality.

Russell holds a deep desire to help others with the healing journey of their soul. This has emerged through his own life challenges and passion for being of service. Intuitive healing allows for all aspects of the human condition to align with the soul in the most magical way. Russell is also enthusiastic in offering mediumship to help clients connect with loved ones who have passed into the spirit world.

Healings with Russell are held in a sacred space and conducted with support and compassion. The sessions are very much guided by the flow of psychic energy, and feel natural. Whilst many of the healings manifest at the soul level through the spoken word, Russell also uses the frequencies of healing energy and light to facilitate a return to oneness and balance.

Russell is a member of the International Institute for Complementary Therapists.