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Russell Byron
Heart Soul Magic   

Internationally trained in a range of extrasensory modalities and meditation techniques, Russell Byron has delved deeply into the experiential nature of the spiritual paradigm. Russell is passionate about helping others, each with their unique journey of healing. Dedicated to his cause, a sincere commitment has emerged from his own life challenges and desire to be of service.

Russell Byron Russell Byron has experience in a range of spiritual modalities including Intuitive Healing, Medical Intuition, Reconnective Healing, Spiritual Healing, Psychic development, Mediumship, Past Life Healing, Channelling and Trance Mediumship. He has also studied meditation techniques and continues to use mindfulness, insight, spiritual and devotional practices. An ardent believer in balancing the Spirit with nature, Russell also enjoys connecting to Mother Earth and is an advocate of living holistically to achieve ultimate health and well-being.

Russell is enthusiastic in unifying the realms of healing, intuition and mediumship, and through the integrative practice of “healing with words” and energy frequencies, he is able to sense into the human energy field and physical body to identify past traumas, repressed emotions and other blocks. The process of bringing awareness and acceptance to these experiences and memories enables them to be released, restoring harmony and vitality, and allowing all aspects of the human condition to align with the soul in the most magical way.

Russell Byron is available for healings, readings and public speaking events.